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The Five Elements in Feng Shui

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In feng shui, the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, are the basis of all that exists. Accordingly, the colour, material and shape of each one is applied.In order to determine the balance of a space, you can use the following guidelines of associations related to the five elements.


Wood element   is found in:

– Wooden furniture, accessories and panels made of wood

  • – Plants, flowers, including silk, plastic or dried flowers.
  • – Cotton and linen fibre fabrics.
  • – Tapestries, wallpaper, curtains, and bedding with floral prints.
  • – Pictures or paintings of landscapes, gardens, plants and flowers.
  • – Columns pillars, pedestals and posts.
  • – Blue and green tones.

The fire element is found in:

  • – Lighting, including electric, candles, fireplaces, sunlight
  • – Items made from animals like iles, feathers, silk, wool.
  • – Pets and wild animals.
  • – Pictures, paintings or photographs of people or animals.
  • – Pictures, paintings or photographs of fire or lighting.
  • – Triangles, pyramids or conical shapes.
  • – Shades of red, pink, orange red, magenta and brown.

The earth element is found in:

  • – Adobe, bricks and tiles
  • – Ceramics and objects made of clay
  • – Square and rectangular shapes
  • – Pictures of landscapes such as deserts or fields
  • – Yellow and ochre

The metal element is found in:

  • – All metals
  • – In cement and rocks
  • – Crystals and gemstones
  • – Paintings and sculptures made of metal or stone
  • – Circular or oval shapes.
  • – White and pastel shades.

The water element is found in:

  • – Rivers, ponds, artificial fountains,
  • – Refective surfaces such as crystal, glass and mirrors
  • – Fluid, amorphous and asymmetric forms.


An aquarium is a very visual example of how to incorporate the five elements harmoniously.The water and the glass container represent the water element, the plants symbolize the wood element, the fish, the fire element, the sand represents the earth element, and the rocks, the metal element.   (Source: T. Collins)


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