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Put the BAGUA MAP in your FENG SHUI desktop

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bagua map desk

Hi there! For some time now you have been asking me to explain to you how to organize your desks according to Feng Shui.We spend many hours working in our offices and see how our tables accumulate papers, notes, phones, computers, and there comes a point at which chaos reigns. If you want your work environment to be more conducive and pleasant, the first thing to do is tidy up.Remove al of the messfrom the table, organize the files and foleders, throw away everything that is already out-of-date and leave the table empty to fill it again.

Once clear, place the bagua map on it, so that the entrance door (as we do in the house) will be where you sit at the desk, usually coinciding with the ​​career area. By placing the bagua map we will strengthen and increase the chi around the desk.

Here in the photo montage that I have prepared for the occasion I have provided an example of how a table could look when adapted to the bagua. Take the bagua map as a reference and you will see that I have placed the computer at the bottom centre.At the bottom right hand side, in the travel and useful people area, I have placed the phone to enhance our contacts, but you can also put everything related to future business trips you wish to make.

Pencils and pens in the area of ​​creativity and children. In this area we can also place photos of our children, to remember why we spend so many hours working each day and brighten up our day. Although the office is not the best place to reinforce love, we can put a couple of red roses, or a pair of red or pink things if we want to keep our flame of love alive without attracting attention.

One of the most important areas in our work will be the area of fame and reputation in the bagua map. This is located at the top centre of the table, and we can reinforce it with the fire element, and so it is suitable to place there the light or lamp, red objects, certificates, prizes or awards, etc..The more specific and personal these objects are, the more successful and the better reputation we will get in our work.

In the area of ​​money I have put the calculator and a golden bowl with a few coins, but you can also put some symbol of money that is not so explicit, such as a figurine of a golden Buddha, some i-ching coins, a small money box, something purple, etc..

In the area of health and family I have put fresh flowers representing health, but you can also put something green or wooden, or a family photo.Finally in the area of knowledge and culture, have to hand anything you need to work, such as books, files, dictionaries, etc.

As I always say, be creative, decorate to your taste, and above all enjoy this experience. Good Feng Shui!

bagua map desk


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