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The Feng Shui BAGUA MAP


The bagua map is one of the most useful tools for working with Feng Shui. The bagua map shows us how to make positive changes in life through the design and structure of our homes. By properly applying the guidelines of the bagua map, the obstacles in our lives begin to disappear and it leads to major changes.
Bagua means eight trigrams, which are the basic pillars of the I Ching, and are associated with health, wealth, love, knowledge, helpful people, professional career and creativity. The map will show us where each one of these goods is found in the physical layout of our home.

bagua map

How is a bagua map used? 

It is very simple. First of all we have to draw an outline of the plan of our house or flat on a sheet of paper. We must draw the front door, the rooms, storage rooms, terraces, i.e. everything. Place and rotate the paper where you have drawn the plan so that the front door of the house is at the bottom of the paper. Now we will draw a rectangle around the house large enough to include all of rooms of the house. Divide the rectangle into nine equal sections like a noughts and crosses board. In each square you assign the name that corresponds according to the bagua map shown in the previous figure. This is the complete bagua map.
In this way you can what corresponds to each part of the house and act according to the criteria of feng shui, according to the colours, materials and geographical positioning.

home and feng shui photoFor example, if the kitchen is in the square of creativity and children, you can decorate it with bright, metallic elements and paint it pastel colours. If the master bedroom is in the square of health and family, where the main element is wood, it would be nice to use wooden furniture and decorate the rest of the room in blue and green shades the rest of the room, for example the bed cothes, cushions or even paint a wall.
Later we will go into greater depth on each section and determine which are the best choices for each room. To decorate with colours and elements of the bagua you can read the post on  five elements of Feng Shui


When an area of the bagua is missing, we have two options. The first is on the walls adjacent to the missing area to place items like mirrors, plants, faceted glass balls hanging from the ceiling to distribute the chi. Secondly baguatrace the bagua map of the living room, or of the room of the house in which you spend the most time, and reinforce in that room the area of the bagua that is not in the house. Let’s take the case that we lack the wealth area of the bagua map in our house. Let’s   trace the bagua map in the living room, for example, and in the upper left corner, place a small space dedicated to wealth, for example, a small wooden table with a lamp always on, with purple or violet coloured round-leaved flowers, with a golden bowl with coins, or a figurine that represents wealth for you.You can also hang a mobille or chimes from the ceiling in the corner to ring to activate the chi.

You can place the bagua map wherever you want, throughout the house, in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms, in the lounge, in the kitchen or even on your desk or desktop.

bagua map desk


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