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Love and matrimony in Feng Shui

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As we have been studying, the area of love and matrimony or the couple is in the upper right corner of the bagua map. Once mapped onto the plan of our home, we will observe in which area love is found ..

For true love we must open our hearts and be receptive. When we open ourselves to others and we fully trust our partner, our relationship will prosper. Even so, to be receptive to love, the most important love life that must be cultivated is the one you have with yourself. The ability to love yourself strengthens the chi and will attract nice people.

When should we reinforce the area of ​​love and matrimony?

– When you want to attract a romantic relationship

– When you want to improve your current relationship

– If you are starting or enriching a relationship

– If you’re learning to love yourself

– When you want to be more open and receptive

Now we will make some recommendations to decorate the area of ​​love in your home. Feng shui is a help and a reinforcement to attract chi, but the work must begin within you and you must be fully active. Changing a few vases and cushions in your home according to feng shui colours will not help anything if you just wait for something to happen in your life without you doing anything about it.

What can we do to improve the area of ​​love according to Feng Shui?

– Introduce artwork representing romantic and love scenes

– Place pairs of objects, such as chandeliers, flowers, books and figures

– Place souvenirs of romantic experiences

– Red, pink and white coloured objects

– Quotes and statements about love and romance

Here’s an example of the area of ​​love in a dining room. As upheld by Feng Shui, red, white, and pink have been strengthened. The walls and curtains are decorated in white, the rug is pale pink, and to give a touch of colour, a couple of carmine-coloured lampshades have been used. To reinforce the idea of a ​​couple, the decorative items such as lamps and candlesticks hav ebeen duplicated, and two passion red rose shrubs have been introduced. This is a project by   NFS architecture for a Feng Shui home


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