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Norman Foster and Feng Shui

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bankchinaLet’s look at one of the most famous cases of the influence of feng shui techniques in architecture, the building of the headquarters of the Bank of China in Hong Kong and the impact it had on one of his competitors, the building of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, by the famous architect Norman Foster.


In many parts of Asia, the layout of cities and building design follows the principles of feng shui. In this regard, Hong Kong is known as the world city of Feng Shui, not surprisingly the vast majority of teachers in this technique came here from Communist China. Proof of this is that at present, to request a building permit in this city, you must submit a draft signed by a qualified Feng Shui Master.

The building in the image, the Bank of China in Hong Kong, designed by architect Ieho Ming Pei.

Well, the building is considered the most aggressive in the world in terms of Feng Shui, as the edges of the triangles that comprise it, consciously face the buildings of its competitors. This is what, in feng shui language, the Chinese call “direct attack” or more poetically: “poisoned arrows”. In the circle we can see nothing less than one of the guns placed on the roof of a skyscraper.

bankchina2As we know, in Asia such “attacks” by competitors are not taken as a joke. While all the surrounding buildings used Feng Shui practices to protect themselves, the most famous case was the response of a direct competitor to the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, with two guns on the roof, that face the “attacking” building.

What a strange experience for the famous architect Norman Foster with Feng Shui! He not only had to face the challenge of designing the building under the rules of Feng Shui, but later had to redesign the roof to accommodate the two guns …


Here is a stunning image, the view of the cannons from inside the building’s roof room.hongkongdespacho-canones

In the West, perhaps the most famous case is that of the entrepreneur Donald Trump. He hired the services of a Feng Shui Master to carry out a renovation that even affected the New York street where the Trump International Tower stands.



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