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Spring has come, renew your home with Feng Shui!

Hi there! Spring is here, the season when everything changes and is renewed. The cold spells come to an end and the good weather beings, the flowers are in bloom and the trees turn green. It is an ideal time to renovate our house, to do a spring clean and renew the decor  and enhance the area of love and matrimony .

So the first thing we are going to do is spring clean the entire house: SIMPLIFY AND ORGANIZE

Organizing and tidying the rooms restores the vitality and creativity of those who live in the house. All houses have disaster areas: the room we use for storage, a closet where everything is placed willy-nilly, the garage used as a landfill site, a table piled high in papers and invoices. Feng Shui tells us that we have to tidy up and simplify our things so that energy can flow through the space.  The chaos that lasts a long time and stagnates and changes our home scenarios. The longer you keep Continue reading



The Feng Shui BAGUA MAP

The bagua map is one of the most useful tools for working with Feng Shui. The bagua map shows us how to make positive changes in life through the design and structure of our homes. By properly applying the guidelines of the bagua map, the obstacles in our lives begin to disappear and it leads to major changes.
Bagua means eight trigrams, which are the basic pillars of the I Ching, and are associated with health, wealth, love, knowledge, helpful people, professional career and creativity. The map will show us where each one of these goods is found in the physical layout of our home.

bagua map

How is a bagua map used? 

It is very simple. First of all we have to draw an outline of the plan of our house or flat on a sheet of paper. We must draw Continue reading