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Feng Shui Tip: Simplify and Organize

Organizing and managing rooms restores the vitality and creativity of those who live in the house. All houses have disaster areas: the room we use for storage, a closet where everything is placed willy-nilly, the garage used as a landfill site, a table piled high in papers and invoices. Feng Shui tells us that we have to tidy up and simplify our things so that energy can flow through the space.

So we must start by looking at where our disaster areas are, from the point of view of an outsider, that is, through the eyes of an unexpected visitor. What would we tidy up first?
The piles of papers, dirty clothing, the kitchen? By doing this exercise, we will realize which areas we must begin to organize and simplify. Give or throw away objects that you do not use, and leave room for new ones. Themore old stuff you get rid of, the more you will receive in the form of new possessions and new opportunities.

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